Our Story.

A division of Ideon Media, we create immersive and compelling experiences for our readers. Our craft is a blend of leading design and editorial expertise paired with technology that delivers visual content elements in a personalized way to audiences.

What’s important to us?

Scale | No story is too small. We can work with brand marketers of every size to create content executions that live on Ideon Stories and are published on our websites.

Momentum | Production time shouldn’t stand between a great branded content vision and its audience. Ideon Stories quickly translates ideas into executions.

Personalization | Brand storytelling it at its best when its targeted and personal. We can apply 1st and 3rd party data to not only distribute brand stories online but to tailor branded content to the reader.

Analytics | Interaction is the reader’s message. Reporting on what readers engage with is crucial to understanding which branded content elements resonate.

Design | Composition and artisanship are at the heart of every Ideon story. Each member of our team is a content professional who understands that a brand’s identity lies in its details.